It has the conditions of large-scale continuous spray fluidized bed customized equipment, engineering contract and process package service.
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Meet the basic conditions for the production of large-scale customized equipment, with a large production workshop of 17000 square meters and a height of 12 meters:

6kW laser cutting machine; Laser welding machine; Automatic welding car;
CNC plasma: 2 sets, 3M wide and 9m long; CNC and ordinary lathe: 6 sets;
New train: 5 sets of 20t, 20 sets of 10t;
Liquid sand blasting room system: 1 set of lw-11;
Double sided automatic welding machine: 1 set; Sjy hydraulic lifting platform: 1 set, lifting height 12m;
Large drilling machine: 4 sets; Milling machine: 3 sets; Electric flat car: 2 sets, rated load capacity 10 tons;
Plate shears: 2 sets, qc12y-16 × 2500; Folding machine: 2 sets of wc67y-100 × 32;
Plate bending machine: two 2.5m and 4m long;
Welding machine, plasma and argon arc welding machine: more than 100 sets;
Cylindrical polishing machine, pipe bender, edge spinner and arc cutting machine: 1 batch;
More than 50 steel platforms (9 meters wide and 12 meters long) for large equipment manufacturing.
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Basic shear roll

numerical control machine

Laser cutting machine

Laser welding machine

CNC plasma equipment

Numerical control flame machine

Automatic welding machine

Gantry crane

Edging machine

Laser cutting machine

Pipe bending machine

Electric four wheeled vehicle

Electric flat car

Cylindrical polishing machine


Sand blasting

Large workshop I

Large laser cutting machine

Large workshop II

Processing workshop

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