Fluidized bed drying equipment - catalogue
1、JXF Large energy-saving continuous (internal heating) fluidized bed dryer
2、ZLG Linear vibrating fluidized bed dryer
3、XF and NXF boiling / continuous (internally heated) fluidized bed dryers
4、GFG High efficiency boiling dryer / FG boiling dryer

 Introduction to fluidization technology
Concept of fluidization phenomenon: in an equipment, granular materials are stacked on the distribution plate in the equipment. When the gas flows into the material layer through the distribution plate from the lower part of the equipment, with the increase of air velocity to a certain extent, solid particles appear boiling on the distribution plate. This phenomenon is called fluidization, while the material layer is called fluidization layer, and the equipment is called fluidized bed. With this method and other technologies, the functions of material mixing, drying, granulation and coating can be completed.
Fluidization can be divided into dispersion and aggregation. Generally, most fluidized beds are aggregation fluidization. Aggregation fluidization: solid particles appear not in a single form, but in the form of particle clusters. In practical application, improper process parameters and equipment design are easy to cause "gully flow" and "surge". Experienced process parameters and structural design are more important to the success of the equipment.
(1) Channel flow: when the air flows into the bed, it is unevenly distributed, resulting in a short circuit in some parts of the bed, so that a considerable amount of fluid flows through the bed through the short circuit. If "channel flow" occurs, the drying medium will have poor contact with the dried materials, and the drying effect will be reduced.
(2) Surge: when the particle size distribution in the fluidized bed is uneven, the gas passing through the distribution is uneven, and the height and diameter of the fluidized bed are relatively large, the bubbles in the bed will converge and grow. When it is close to the inner diameter of the bed, the solid particles will form a piston to move upward in the bed, which will cause great damage to the bed, and will also cause poor contact between the solid particles and the drying medium fluid, The drying effect is reduced.
Advantages of fluidized bed: due to large contact area between material and drying medium, good heat transfer effect and relatively uniform temperature in the bed, it has high heat capacity coefficient (or volumetric heat transfer coefficient) and large production capacity; Continuous operation or intermittent operation can be carried out in the same equipment; The residence time of materials in the equipment can be adjusted as needed; The device has few moving parts, so the investment and operation cost of the equipment are low.
There are three states for airflow passing through the bed: V < VMF, VMF < V < VT, V ≥ vt
VMF – fluidization velocity at yesterday's boundary V – airflow velocity in the bed vt – settling velocity of particles in the bed
(1) In the first stage (fixed bed), when V is low (V < VMF), although the solid particles in the bed are in contact with the gas flow, the relative position of the solid particles does not change. At this time, the state of the fixed particles is a fixed bed;
(2) In the second stage (fluidized bed), when v gradually increases to a certain point (VMF < V < VT), the solid particles will produce irregular movement in the bed, and the bed is in fluidization at this time;
(3) In the third stage (airflow conveying bed), when v ≥ VT, the solid particles can not continue to stay in the equipment, but are brought out of the equipment by airflow.
The first stage is mainly drying, such as static drying of oven, belt conveyor, etc.
The second stage of industrial operation is used, that is, the functions of fluidized bed drying, granulation, mixing and coating.
The third stage is mainly various airflow drying, etc.
Different materials have different requirements for finished products. According to the principle of fluidized bed and the composition, principle and operation technology of each machine, select and design better equipment and adopt good operation technology, so as to obtain products with high cost performance.

1、JXF Large energy-saving continuous fluidized bed dryer

The large-scale energy-saving continuous fluidized bed drying production line obtains products without flying dust by continuously entering wet raw materials into fluidized beds (such as internal heated fluidized beds) for drying and cooling. An energy-saving fluidized bed system technology (in the process of patent application) is adopted. Compared with the ordinary continuous fluidized bed, it can reduce the exhaust volume of fluidized bed tail gas, make full use of the exhaust heat of fluidized bed exhaust, and the outlet materials have no dust flying, so as to improve the environmental protection of discharged tail gas, reduce the energy consumption of production line, no powder in outlet materials, improve the material yield, stable and safe operation High investment cost performance and low maintenance and operation costs.

The types include vibrating fluidized bed, horizontal multi chamber fluidized bed, internal heat exchange fluidized bed, high temperature fluidized bed, spout fluidized bed, etc.

The following processes can be realized: continuous drying and cooling of solid materials and high moisture absorption materials, continuous preparation and drying of powder raw materials, continuous drying, calcination and cooling of crystalline wet materials, and continuous preparation  to solid particles from liquid raw materials.

In the hot air drying process of wet materials, there are mainly constant speed drying stage and reduced speed drying stage. The high humidity exhaust in the constant speed section and the front section of the reduced speed section of the traditional fluidized bed and the low humidity exhaust in the rear section of the reduced speed section are usually mixed together, resulting in the difficulty of using the heat contained in the exhaust.

After the traditional fluidized bed drying exhaust gas is separated by the dust removal system, the solid particle size obtained is small, which does not meet the particle size range of the finished product. It is usually necessary to add liquid for re dissolution and recrystallization. Recrystallization will directly have recrystallization loss. At the same time, the added liquid needs repeated drying, resulting in increased overall energy consumption.

The available technical scheme of the JXF energy-saving continuous fluidized bed dryer is:

1. An energy-saving fluidized bed system comprises a fluidized bed main body, in which a constant speed section drying area and a speed reduction section drying area are arranged, and the fluidized bed main body is provided with an air inlet, a high humidity exhaust outlet and a low humidity exhaust outlet, which is characterized in that the air inlet corresponding to the constant speed section drying area is connected with the constant speed section air inlet system, The air inlet corresponding to the drying area of the deceleration section is correspondingly connected with the air inlet system of the deceleration section, the high humidity exhaust outlet is connected with the air outlet heat exchange system for heat exchange with the fresh air, the outlet of the heat exchange fresh air of the air outlet heat exchange system is connected with the air inlet system of the constant speed section or / and the air inlet system of the deceleration section, and the outlet of the low humidity exhaust outlet is connected with the air inlet system of the constant speed section or / and the air inlet system of the deceleration section.

2. The main body of the fluidized bed is also provided with a cooling section fluidization area close to the discharge outlet, and the corresponding air inlet of the cooling section fluidization area is connected with the cooling section air inlet system.

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2、ZLG Linear vibrating fluidized bed dryer
Product information:
It belongs to a square fluidized bed and adopts the fluidized bed technology of vertical upward flow and vibration. The material moves forward continuously by jumping and throwing along the horizontal screen.
It is suitable for drying, cooling and humidifying powdery, granular, flake and fibrous materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, mining, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. It can also be used for drying and cooling or cooling and humidifying at the same time. Such as citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, thiamine, compound fertilizer, shredded radish, soybean meal, distiller's grains, seeds, slag, granulated sugar, etc.
Equipment features:
The fluidization is uniform, without voids and blowing through, and uniform dry and cooled products can be obtained.
Good adjustability, wide adaptability, stepless adjustment of material layer thickness, moving speed and amplitude in the machine.
It has little damage to the material surface and can be used for drying fragile materials. When the material particles are irregular, it will not affect the working effect.

  technical parameter:表一
型号specification   ZLG3×0.3 ZLG3×0.6 ZLG4.5×0.6 ZLG6×0.6 ZLG7.5×0.6 ZLG7.5×1.2
网板面积area of bed m2 0.9 1.8 2.7 3.6 4.5 9
水份蒸发量capacity(130℃) kg/h 30 60 85 115 125 200
蒸汽压力 MPa 0.4-0.6
激振力 kgf 500 800 800 1600 3200 5000
激振频率 次/min 3000 3000 3000 3000 1500 1000
振动电机功率 KW 0.5×2 0.75×2 1.1×2 1.1×2 1.5×2 3×2
总功率 KW 6 7.5 10 13 17.5 34.5
technical parameter:表二
网板长 网板宽 床体宽 下床体高 上床体高 床体总高 重量(kg)
3000(mm) 300 1350 950 430 1700 1240
600 1650 950 430 1700 1400
900 1950 950 600 1850 1630
4500(mm) 300 1350 950 430 1700 1570
600 1650 950 430 1700 1860
900 1950 950 600 1850 2430
6000(mm) 600 1700 950 430 1700 2410
900 2000 950 600 1850 3160
1200 2400 950 800 2050 3580
7500(mm) 600 2100 950 600 1850 4140
900 2500 1150 800 2040 5190
1200 2850 1150 1000 2450 5940

3、XF and NXF boiling / continuous (internally heated) fluidized bed dryers  
   Product information:
It belongs to a square (box) fluidized bed, which adopts the fluidized bed technology of vertical upward flow. The materials move completely irregularly, and the continuous type has the overall movement direction from inlet to outlet.
NXF boiling dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving dryer whose heat required for dehydration is provided by buried pipe heat exchanger and fluidized hot air respectively. For the dryer of the same size, the drying capacity of NXF is more than 30% higher than that of XF.
Cyclone separator, bag filter and pneumatic feeding device can be selected at the same time.
Equipment features: economical use of energy, good low-temperature drying performance, small floor area and low system investment.
Technical parameters of XF fluidized bed
型号specification 床层面积area of bed
干燥能力capacity(kg/h) 风机功率power of fan(kW) 风量
air amount(m3/h)
进风温度input air temperature(℃) 能耗max.consumed energy(J) 进料形式
XF10 0.25 10~15 4 1100 60~200 1.7×108 1、星形加料工;2、气力自行输送;
XF20 0.5 20~25 7.5 2000 3.2×108
XF30 1 30~40 18.5 4000 6.4×108
XF50 2 50~80 30 8000 1.28×109
XF80 3 80~100 37 12000 1.92×109
XF100 4 100~150 55 16000 2.64×109
XF150 6 150~200 75 24000 3.84×109
Note: the drying capacity is determined when the initial moisture content of dried sour plum crystal is 20%, the final moisture content is 5%, and the air inlet temperature is 130 ℃. The drying capacity of other materials shall be subject to the specific situation. Type A: equipped with cyclone separator; Type B: built-in cloth bag type; Type C: with cyclone and bag filter.
Technical parameters of NXF internally heated fluidized bed
型号specification 床层面积area of bed
干燥能力capacity(kg/h) 风机功率power of fan(kW) 风量
air amount(m3/h)
进风温度input air temperature(℃) 能耗max.consumed energy(J) 进料形式
NXF20 0.5 25~35 7.5 1800 60~200 3.68×108 1、星形加料工;2、气力自行输送;
NXF30 1 40~60 18.5 3600 7.4×108
NXF50 2 70~110 37 7200 1.5×109
NXF80 3 110~150 55 10800 2.2×109
NXF100 4 140~200 75 14400 3×109
NXF150 6 180~300 110 22000 4.4×109

4、GFG High efficiency boiling dryer / FG boiling dryer
     GFG和FG沸腾干燥机                      整机实物图 
Product information:
一、 Working principle of high efficiency boiling dryer:
The materials to be dried (particles or fine powder) are put into the hopper of the dryer. After dedusting by the medium efficiency filter, the air is heated by the heater to the temperature required for drying, and then enters the main tower. When it passes through the perforated plate at the bottom of the hopper, the materials in the hopper fluidize and remove water to dry. After the water volatilizes, it is filtered by the bag filter with the exhaust air and discharged by the fan, The fine powder rising with the wind in the drying process is captured by the cloth bag and returned to the fluidized bed through the ash cleaning device.
二、 Overview
GFG high-efficiency boiling dryer is a particle high-efficiency drying device matched with YK swing granulator and GHL high-speed mixed granulator in GMP pharmaceutical engineering design. It has a wider fluidization range than the traditional horizontal XF boiling dryer and is easy to clean.
The materials are stirred at low speed while fluidizing, so as to avoid caking. For materials with high moisture content and viscosity, its application advantages are particularly prominent.
Difference between FG boiling dryer and GFG dryer: the air outlet section of FG dryer is divided into two chambers, which can air out in turn, so as to ensure that it can work for a long time and add a separation section. There is only one room in the GFG air outlet section, which is suitable for materials with a drying time of less than 30 minutes. If the drying time is too long, the cloth bag will "paste" and the air outlet is poor, thus damaging the continuous operation; Materials with a drying time of more than 30 minutes are more suitable for FG boiling dryer.
三、 Use
The equipment is a process equipment for mixing and drying particles and powder in the production process of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
Application: mechanical screw extrusion of granules, wet high-speed mixing of granules; Drying of wet granules and powder materials in medicine, food, feed, chemical industry and other fields; Large particle, small block and viscous granular material, with 30 μ M-6mm is appropriate; Konjac, polyacrylamide and other materials with volume change during drying.
四、 Equipment characteristics
1. The fluidized bed is a circular structure to avoid dead corners.
2. Stirring is set in the bed to avoid the agglomeration of wet materials and the formation of ditch flow in the drying process.
3. The overhead bag filter is anti-static special fiber, which is safe to operate.
4. Tipping is convenient, rapid and complete.
5. Sealing negative pressure operation, designed according to GMP specification.
6. The drying speed is fast and the temperature is uniform. The drying time of each batch is 20-30 minutes (surface water).
五、 Main technical parameters
GFG high efficiency boiling dryer

项目 Item 规格 Specification
投料 Capacity kg/批
60 100 120 150 200 300 500
风机功率 Power of fan kw 11 15 18.5 22 22 30 37
搅拌功率 Power of stirring kw 0.55 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5
搅拌转速 Rotating speed of stirring rpm 11
蒸汽耗量 consumption of steam kg/h 141 170 170 240 282 366 451
操作时间 working time min 15-30(视不同物料而定)
安装参考图Installation size for reference H1 mm 2622 2842 2862 2940 3417 3611 4210
H2 mm 2266 2532 2552 2630 3044 3255 3837
A mm 2220 2540 2570 2838 3346 3450 4150
机型 Specification 30 60 100 120 150 200 300 500 1000
原料容器(L)Volume of container 100 220 300 420 500 670 1000 1500 2500
蒸汽耗量(kg/h) Consumption of steam 70 140 169 210 240 282 366 465 763
压缩空气量(m3/min) Consumption of compressive air 0.3 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.9 0.9 1.1 1.5
风机功率(KW)Power of fan 5.5 11 15 18.5 22 22 30 45 55
温度(°C )Temperature 常温~120°C自动调节 normal temperature ~ 120 °C automatism adjust
物料收率(%) Yield of material >99
搅拌动力(KW)Power of stirring 1.1 1.5 1.5
终湿含量(%) Content of final moisture 可达0.2  can dry to 0.2
噪音dB Noise 风机隔离处理不大于75分贝 No more than 75at Separated of fan
安装尺寸   30 60 100 120 150 200 300 500
Installation size for reference
H 1 (mm) 2700 3250 3250 3350 3350 3550 3650 3850
H 2 (mm) 340 490 540 590 590 640 690 790
H 3 (mm) 2200 2750 2750 2750 2850 3150 3350 3700
φ1 (mm) 700 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1600 1800
φ2 (mm) 250 280 280 280 280 315 355 410
B 1 (mm) 1160 1460 1560 1660 1760 1860 2060 2260
B 2 (mm) 1860 2460 2660 2860 3060 3260 3660 4060
B 3 (mm) 2200 2500 2700 2776 2776 2876 2976 3100
六、Features of boiling dryer produced by our company:
1. The cylinder is buffered and protected by shell, which is more reliable and safe and has a more beautiful appearance after work;
2. The hopper and separation chamber are made of mirror panel, which is more in line with the sanitary requirements. The main plate is made of coiled plate to ensure the material and thickness;
3. Podou type is adopted for discharging, which is convenient and fast. There is a unique positioning mechanism during feeding, which is not easy to damage the sealing strip and fast feeding;
4. The clutch is adopted, and the contact clutch is simple;
5. The sampler is adopted, with beautiful appearance, convenient sampling and good sealing;
6. The mirror welding method makes it more difficult to deposit materials at the mirror;
7. The air distributor is made with a small fountain for fluidization, which makes the material fluidization easier, the mixing power is smaller, and the service life of the mixing device is longer;
8. Variable frequency control can be selected for mixing, and good quality products can be obtained;
9. Anti static CCP cloth can be selected, and multi bag type is used, which has larger filtering area, can shorten the drying time by one fifth, and the filter cloth is more difficult to stick. The air outlet type is top air, which is more reliable;
10. The whole dryer is integrated, with small floor area and high stiffness.

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