Corporate culture: be a tasteful person, create high-quality products, and become a brand enterprise through interaction and cooperation
The company has been working with several experts in several industries, and has successfully worked with several enterprises in the continuous spray fluidized bed for pellets, drying and coating. It is determined to become an advanced continuous spray fluidized bed pelletizing and coating technology innovation company. It embodies the value of being a person, doing things and developing around the corporate culture. Experts can communicate face-to-face in various industries, and new performance and information can be communicated face-to-face.
Relevant complete sets of technologies are respectively applied to ten industries, such as biological fermentation, additives, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, environmental protection, food, fruits and vegetables, super viscous materials, feed additives and coating. Most of the products produced by the production line supplied to customers are new products, realizing continuous innovation. New products have become the daily core products of the company from credit, experience, performance In particular, the successful innovation model solves the customer's question that there is a great risk in the new product production line. Put forward the concept of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation technology and four technological revolutions, such as reaching long-term strategic cooperation with a number of domestic advanced enterprises in the fields of one-step micro pill production line, amino acid protein, sweetener, enzyme preparation, biological water-soluble fertilizer and becoming suppliers of related products.

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